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Introduction to our charity

We are helping suffering people in Afghanistan since 2001 - but there had to be additional seven years until we made up our mind to put our work into the framework of an official incorporated society.

In the first years the work of our project focussed on primary health care: generous donations of drugs and medical machinery from medical practices and the pharmaceutical company Phoenix as well as cash money enabled this.

Starting 2004 the Bundeswehr (the German armed forces) brought the collected properties to Afghanistan for free - up to two tons per year. Tight personal contacts and especially good knowledge of the local settings made it possible to bring our aid directly to the people in need.



Zwei Ultraschall-Geräte und mehrere Krankenliegen werden zum Transport aufgeladen



Once in a year Najiba Behmanesh, a doctor located in Bad Kreuznach
Germany), flies to Afghanistan on her own cost. She organises at site
the hand over of the material and the distribution of the donations. Thus, we
guarantee that the donations are not draining away but are reaching their
destination: the people who need it.

We help…

• By providing direct medical examination and basic medical care

• By the medium of surgeries and the financing of medical treatments and appliances

• By the distribution of medical machines and medications to hospitals in Afghanistan

• By supporting self-help: by financing of market stands, sewing machines or dairy cows, people in need get the opportunity to set up their own business

• By buying respectively renovating the equipment of schools

• By direct humanitarian help for urgently needy people, especially widows and orphans


Najiba Behmanesh im Gespräch mit Einwohnern


  • Hierkönnen Sie das Beitrittsformular herunterladen [PDF]
  • Hier können Sie die Satzung des Vereins Afghanistan Hilfe, die ankommt e.V.[PDF] herunterladen


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